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Are you a Data Protection Officer (DPO) trying to determine for how long you can keep the Personal Data you collect? At what point should that data be archived based on regulations governing Personal Data retention? Save time and legal fees finding the rules for Personal Data storage duration compliance in seconds. We provide a simple and cost effective way to find, track, evaluate and implement Personal Data storage duration compliance in your organization or for your customers.

The GDPR Storage Durations API is designed to help DPOs and developers determine the correct storage duration to use when managing their customers Personal Data and comply with the principle of minimization. Our search engine provides easy access to the most commonly collected types of Personal Data, though not all of them will necessarily be applicable to your projects. This API exposes that functionality so it may be integrated directly in your product UI for your customers and so you can implement duration compliance into your own product.

We keep an extensive set of data storage duration rules and standards up to date with our in-house team of lawyers that are experts in data compliance. If you encounter a new type of data processing to assess and record, we make compliance easy to verify by finding the right information according to your needs by type, purpose, or business category of the data. We make cross-team organization communication and cooperation easier with shared knowledge, references, and tools for businesses working with different organizations and industries that need to track all of their data processing activities.

How You Can Use This API

Access Up-To-Date Storage Duration Information

All organizations and companies have to be compliant with GDPR but when your organization can’t afford the services of lawyers or specialists in data storage duration, we make compliance accessible with up-to-date information.

Provide Self-Service for Storage Duration Regulations

If you are responsible for data compliance and members of your organization who have to deal with customer personal data flood you with questions, you can save time and focus on your core activity by giving your team access to self-service information.

Generate Accountability Documentation

Our APIs allow you to generate accountability documentation dealing with personal data compliance in your own IT systems and include compliance knowledge base at code level.

Spread Compliance Culture

If you are a DPO and you want to spread the compliance culture through your organization, our Storage Regulation API empowers your organization members to develop tools tailored to the specific needs of your different teams.

About Us

At Code Is Law, our mission is to help businesses and service users manage their personal data transparently and ethically in a world where trust in this area is increasingly eroded. We are developing tools to facilitate the exercise of the right to portability for individuals. We have developed a Personal Data tracking technology for businesses that, by being embedded directly in code, allows DPOs and IT teams to keep their systems and the use of the data they contain compliant with the requirements of the GDPR.

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